Introduction to French à la folie Note


Who am I?


I’m Kei, an anglophone with a knack for French. 


This journey started in the late 2000s, when I was fresh out of Tufts. I stumbled upon my local Alliance Française, took my first lessons in French, and promptly forgot about everything else. Since then, I’ve dedicated my time to mastering the language, teaching it, and encouraging others—YOU!—to jump on the francophone bandwagon.


Against all odds, I reached the C2 level, taught FLE (Français langue étrangère = French as a foreign language), and now, I even get to write about French. One of my coolest jobs EVER was managing an Alliance Française library, where I counseled students every day, taught the weekly language workshops, and did storytelling hours for kids!


My story is just one of many and proof that, if you really want to learn French, there’s no reason why you can’t succeed—even if you don’t live in a francophone country.


What’s different about FALF?


Key to my success in French was my willingness to look beyond the traditional methods to supplement and reinforce learning. I’m big on the unconventional and, as you can tell from the graphics, keen on the fun! I love thinking outside the box and I believe in creating high-quality learning materials with a lot of heart, care, and imagination. Few things give me greater joy than happy students and well-made materials that stretch the mind as much as they entertain it.


Part passion project, part resource site, French à la folie is my little contribution to the francophone world. It’s a site geared towards anglophones and our specific learning difficulties, but I hope it can be useful to others too. Au bout du compte, my goal is to get you to think about French non-stop, in a way that works for YOU. So I hope you enjoy it, learn a lot, and maybe even fall in love with French… like I did!


Merci d’avoir visité mon site ! N’hésitez pas à le partager autour de vous ! 🙂
Thanks for visiting my site! Please feel free to share it with others!


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