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This is it! Let’s get the ball rolling with an introduction to French à la folie, or FALF for short! In this first post, I’ll walk you through what you’ll be able to find here as I build up the site and make more content.


What is French à la folie?


French à la folie is my collection of lessons, resources, and musings on the French language. All of this comes from my perspective as a seasoned French student, French teacher, former librarian at a French school, and someone who just really enjoys French!


That’s FALF in a nutshell! Find out more about me here.


What can you expect to see on here in the coming weeks?


I’ll be kicking things off with the following:


• FUN-FILLED Lessons on French Idiomatic Expressions

I love, love, LOVE French expressions and think they’re very important for intermediate and advanced students to know. Moreover, they’re often highly visual, hilarious, or just downright bizarre (in the best way, of course!). This makes them an especially fascinating and memorable part of the language. Expect them to feature quite a bit on FALF! 🙂


• Digestible Lessons on French Grammar and Vocabulary 

The foundations of a language are the grammar and vocabulary. Without either, our speech wouldn’t make much sense, would it? But it’s not always easy to master the sentence patterns and agreements, or memorize the noun genders and spellings. As a student, I know this all too well and have incorporated some of my tips and tricks into these lessons to help you make sense of things! Our goal: maximum learning, minimum suffering!


• The Cinemaccountability Series 

I was late to the party when it came to French cinema. (Like, really late. 😐 ) I didn’t always appreciate how great it was, especially for learning the language. But now that I do, I’m holding myself accountable and writing reviews on films I watch. My hope is that they’ll inspire you to get out there and watch more films yourselves! It’s one of the best ways to learn French, I promise!


Fantastic Resources and Where to Find Them

Where would we be without our resources? Dictionaries, grammar websites, Youtube channels, podcasts… There is now a wealth of amazing stuff out there to help students pick up le français and stay motivated for a long time! As a student, teacher AND former librarian—yes, I’ve been around the block!—I can’t wait to share these with you!


… and as the site grows, there will be much, much more! So poke around and


What about FALF elsewhere?


You’ll find FALF on Instagram and Pinterest too! But the complete content will be right here at frenchalafolie.com, aka FALF HQ. So bookmark the homepage and check back often for your dose of French fun!


Allez, amusez-vous bien! 😀


© 2019 French à la folie

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